Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dear All,

Welcome to our own European and African Rotary Membership Blog!
This Blog is meant for all RRIMC's and RIMZC's in the Rotary Zones in Europe and Africa (zones 10B-18).

It is an excellent interactive option next to or instead of a newsletter. It can be used as a multiple communication resource: viewers can post as well as read entries! So it is a great way to communicate regionally!

I invite you all to make use of it and to inform each other or ask questions, exchange ideas and best practices, problems and solutions etc.
Hope to read you soon!

Yours in Rotary,

Nico de Boer,
D1570, Member of the MDandR-Committee


W John Hockin said...

Dear Nico and everyone associated with Membership.

This is the only aspect of Rotary which is important as without members every aspect of Rotary will fail. This includes our own, very important Rotary Foundation.

We cannot wait - we must achieve a revitalisation of our wonderful movement.

I encourage everyone to attract a new member so that "Member Gets Member".

Congratulations on establishing this medium.

27 July 2007

Paul KNYFF said...

Dear Nico and all other Rotary friends.

Nico, thank you for this initiative. I really hope this blog will contribute to an exchange of ideas and experiences.

I myself, being a newly introduced member of the RRIMC Group, hope to learn from you all. Let's SHARE!

Paul KNYFF, D1570, RRIMC Z13.

Akin GOKYAY said...

Dear Nico

Congratulations to you for this innovative idea and Jill , I think that all of us will be able to learn and share about membership.
Thanks again for your greta effort.
Warm regards form Ankara

Nico de Boer said...

Have you read the RRIMC Newsletter from August? Especially the part about using a BLOG? Very useful!
Summer greetings from Holland,
Nico de Boer

Charity said...

Good words.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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