Friday, August 31, 2007


Dear RRIMC's of Zones 10B-18,

It would be interesting to hear some of the ideas you shared with your RIMZC's, DG's and District Membership Chairs regarding what actions are being taken in your respective regions to address the membership concerns or issues raised at your meetings and seminars. Although our Membership Staff in Evanston has membership statistics available via their paid member database, it would be interesting for all of us to be informed about the SOLUTIONS AND IDEAS that come from you and/or your coordinators and co-workers at these events or meetings. This would be great information to share on the blog page as well. Perhaps the other participants can add their thoughts there too.
Please feel free to share your experience with us!
Lots of success with your good work for Rotary and kind regards from


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Membership seminars - where and when

Hello all,

First of all a big thanks to Nico for setting up this tool, which I truly believe will be of great benefit for all of us to improve Membership.

For zones 15 and 16 we have a Membership seminar on September 27 in Oslo Norway. One of my DMCs cannot attend but is very keen to attend a Membership seminar somewhere else.

So I propose that on this blog we share dates for Membership seminars, so that we have a possibility to go to any seminar with a suitable date.

The seminar in Norway is coordinated with the Zone Institute, for more info go to: