Thursday, August 2, 2007

Membership seminars - where and when

Hello all,

First of all a big thanks to Nico for setting up this tool, which I truly believe will be of great benefit for all of us to improve Membership.

For zones 15 and 16 we have a Membership seminar on September 27 in Oslo Norway. One of my DMCs cannot attend but is very keen to attend a Membership seminar somewhere else.

So I propose that on this blog we share dates for Membership seminars, so that we have a possibility to go to any seminar with a suitable date.

The seminar in Norway is coordinated with the Zone Institute, for more info go to:

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Nico de Boer said...

Thanks, Christina, this is a great idea! When knowing each others Membership Seminars you have alternatives indeed when you are not able to visit the seminar you wanted to go to in the first place. Moreover you might consider to visit other seminars to get more ideas and information and to exchange experience!
Looking forward to your data!